Hound Labs | Hound Foundation

Marijuana is increasingly available and more potent. 
As an emergency room physician and SWAT team reserve officer,
Hound Labs founder Mike Lynn, MD, has seen the carnage
that driving under the influence can cause.  Hound Labs creates a
tool for law enforcement:  A dual marijuana and pot breathalyzer. 
Hound Foundation creates educational tools to address
attitudes about driving while high:  75% of 11th and 12th graders
believe they drive better under the influence of marijuana,
or marijuana has no influence on their driving. 
Essanay produced educational programs:  Stories of an impaired driver,
 and the parents of the man he killed

Susan Allan, Director/Writer
Mark Allan, Director of Photography

NFL Life Line

Testimonials and public service announcements for the
National Football League's Life Line website, featuring
Michael Irvin, Brett Farve, Herschel Walker, Jevon Kearse,
Michael Strahan and Cris Carter. 
With the commissioner's office and Reingold Communications.

Susan Allan, Director

Mark Allan, Director of Photography

The Good Medicine Project

Cancer patients in treatment who report a high level of
social support have fewer side effects and less pain.
This promotional video raises awareness of
the power of social support and introduces the
Good Medicine website, a source of practical information
for friends and family.

 Susan Allan, Director/Writer

Mark Allan, Director of Photography

60 Minutes Sports

"The first name in news magazines is now the last word in sports."
From the first edition of 60 Minutes Sports on Showtime,

Mark Allan has contributed to segments covering

behind-the-scenes stories of putting on the Superbowl,
strategies of the new ownership of the Dodgers,

a profile of film visionary Steve Sabol of
NFL Films, the story of the trainer of 2012
Kentucky Derby Winner, I'll Have Another, Doug O'Neill,
and Jimmy Johnson's NASCAR pit crew,
a team selected not for mechanical ability,
but for athletic performance.

Mark pitched and short theh 2015 season's opener,
on a Stanford technology startup that trains
football players using virtual reality.

Mark Allan, Camera

By the Numbers

Marin County's Community College,

College of Marin, counts for a lot in the North Bay.

Susan Allan, Director

Mark and Stef Allan, Camera

Stef Allan, Edtiorial

ICA Sponsors Speak

An introduction to the Cristo Rey work-study program.

Susan Allan, Producer

Stef Allan, Camera and Editorial


Some favorite stories
(from dozens)
of 60 Minutes Segments

The Great One

Almost 30 years old, the most-run 

segment on 60 Minutes, Morely Safer

proflies Jackie Gleason.

Mark Allan, Camera

NFL Films

How an overcoat salesman turned his 

passion for filming football into 

the gold standard of sports production.

Mark Allan, Camera

Susan Allan, Associate Producer

Alice Waters

"The Mother of Slow Food" cooks at home and 

explores San Francisco's Slow Food Convention.

Mark Allan, Camera

Stef Allan, Sound

Who's the Dummy

The annual ventriloquist convention in Kentucky.

Special correspondent:  Candace Bergen

Mark Allan, Camera

Susan Allan, Associate Producer

Chef of all Chefs

The story of restauranteur Thomas Keller

Mark Allan, "Camera Chef"


ESPN  Baseball Tonight

Buyer Beware

The worst trade in baseball history: 

Ernie Broglio for Lou Brock.

Mark Allan, Camera

Willie Weinbaum, Producer


And an article on Mark that made the front page 

of the Chronicle on Super Bowl Sunday!

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